The Challenge

JonBams, JonBams, JonBams!! Known for playing modded minecraft, JonBams decided to go slumming in vanilla for a bit with the release of 1.14. What Bams found was that Mojang has delivered a very fun vanilla experience. Only a hardcore player, JonBams started a hardcore vanilla world and issued the HCMC100 challenge to all minecraft streamers. And the rest, as they history.

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The FTB team contacted the dev for and introduced the idea of an advancement tracking mod and making the data available to be shown on this website. This mod takes a twitch login, matches it with your minecraft name and then automatically collects the advancement completion data. It also collects other minecraft related data points, most of which are used by this web site on the streamers page and the mod users page.

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The FTB man himself.....Slowpoke101

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